that smoky glow...

There is something eery and apocalyptic about our current times and the number of summers over the past several years that look increasingly similar. I don't know what happened last summer, with clear blue skies and fresh, clean air, despite a rager of a fire just over the mountain from our home, but it's seeming the anomaly when compared to the years past.

From the perspective of my kids (teens and one young adult), it's the harbinger of the smoke-filled, golden-hued, mountain-view-devoid summers to come – if we don't make some serious changes. Now.

And, it's hard to disagree.

As I adapt my editing to accommodate just SO MUCH GOLD. In some ways, it's quite remarkable. No matter what time of day, the sun's glare isn't a factor – weird. Morning, noon, and night we're all bathed in a golden, misty, light. And each session and event serves as beautiful documentation of this surreal environmental evolution.

As evidenced by this wonderful family portrait session I recently shared with Team Rodger.

We began before 9 am and enjoyed a location I probably couldn't have used on a clear morning – the silver (gold!) lining. As with most kids under such contrived circumstances, they were troopers. As were Granny and Pops!

Such a beautiful family and I'm so blessed to have been chosen to capture a bit of their time together here after such a long time being forced apart. Oh, right... pandemic.

Like I said, eery and apocalyptic. But, with some vital joy, hope, and beautiful family memories sprinkled therein.