about me.

10 things that might give you a little insight:

  1. mom of 3 beautiful, talented, young adults
  2. wife to incredibly supportive and (mostly!) patient husband
  3. living/working with adhd -- self-diagnosed!
  4. I'm also a writer
  5. I'm learning to paint
  6. my garden is overgrown with weeds
  7. pizza is my first love -- sorry, pgb!
  8. new mom to adorable kitten -- my dog is NOT happy!
  9. rarely wear makeup... or a bra
  10. I love freckles

BONUS: I would love to capture your special moments!

PS: photographs courtesy the most-talented Kate Watt.

I can do hard things.

Life is full of wonder, beauty, the banal, the intense, and no shortage of really hard things. That I can do hard things is something I remind myself of almost everyday.

And, whether I'm sitting at a black computer screen to write, am attacking the endless weeds that are over taking my garden, dealing with my teens and young adult children, or on the approach to a wedding or portrait session, where creativity must flow no matter what... I can do it.

OK... so maybe not the weeds.

The Process

01. connect

Get in touch to book your event or session!

Reserve your date

02. get to know each other

I want to know what you have in mind!

I need to know a little about what makes you tick to make the very most of our short time together.

let's get acquainted!

03. create

The fun begins!

This is a collaborative effort between the two of us. We work together!

But, of course, I'll do all the heavy lifting – creating beautiful imagery is all on me.

capturing beautiful moments
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